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Sometimes I write haiku’s about math

Entitled: Probability Luck, a gamble, fate your history is vast and great- science of chance. Entitled: Newton Newton, a knight, took the skies and he left the world for the rest of us.

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Character “Journal”: John

This is a character journal for the protagonist of “We all have our own languages here” please do not read this first. If you have not read that piece yet, this will influence your opinion of the character, so please … Continue reading

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We all have our own languages here

It has been 15 years. In all that time I have come to know a few things; Everyone treats me differently, whether they mean to or not. Most people treat me as though I’m deaf or an invalid. Very few … Continue reading

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Magnetic Poetry and National Poetry Month

So my library is celebrating National Poetry Month in a big way! We have magnetic poetry boards up so people can post things, we’re doing a poetry slam, and we’re doing a haiku writing contest. So lots of fun things. … Continue reading

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A conversation with an antagonist

The writing prompt for this piece was to create a dialogue between one of your characters and someone that they would not get along with. I decided to create one using a character for a project that I’ve wanted to … Continue reading

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