A conversation with an antagonist

The writing prompt for this piece was to create a dialogue between one of your characters and someone that they would not get along with. I decided to create one using a character for a project that I’ve wanted to work on for awhile. I love this character, and this is a sneak little preview of what he’s like. 

Character: Jo
Antagonist: police officer

A: “Sir, sir, please comply, you can not frequent this establishment without shoes on, I am forced to remove you.”
Jo stared blankly at the officer for a moment. Than wrapped an arm around his shoulder.
Jo: “Oh man! Hey! Hey! Just call me Jo, ok? Just call me Jo. Man! Wait! Where we going?”
The officer tries to push Jo through the doorway.
A: “Unhand me sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! please put your hands down! No sir! Sir, you must come with me!”
Officer handcuffs Jo
Jo: “Ah man! What’s up with that? Where are we going?”
A: “Sir I am bringing you to the station downtown.”
Jo: “Call me Jo.”
A: “Fine. Jo. Please do not resist.”

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